Know risk of chromosomal abnormalities in your fetus.

In every pregnancy, there is risk that your fetus have genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. One of the most common chromosomal abnormalities is trisomy 21, or the presence of extra chromosome number 21, which cause the baby born with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is found in every 700 born babies in Indonesia every year.
Unlike other prenatal test like ultrasonography (USG), NIPT can detect fetal genetic or chromosomal abnormalities with much greater accuracy, and help obstetrician to give a more comprehensive analysis of the pregnancy condition.

Why Firstvue?

Safe for Mother and Fetus

Firstvue can detect genetic or chromosomal abnormalities through analysis of cfDNA that are found in maternal blood sample, so it does not pose any risk for the fetus.

Comprehensive Analysis

Firstvue not only analyse risk for the 3 most common trisomies (Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, and Patau Syndrome), Firstvue can also analyse do a more comprehensive analysis on all 22 pair of chromosomes and sex chromosome.

Accuracy level up to 99%

Using the most advanced technology of Next Generation Sequencing, Firstvue is able to detect genetic or chromosomal abnormalities since 10 weeks of pregnancy with accuracy up to 99%.

Guarantee for free retest

Firstvue guarantees for free redraw and retest for ‘no-call’ result with terms and conditions applied. Firstvue also gives reimbursement for amniocentesis which serves as further diagnostic test, if the result indicates high risk for certain chromosomal condition.
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Early detection for fetal chromosomal abnormalities

In every pregnancy, the fetal has a risk for genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. This risk is higher in certain conditions, such as:
  • Maternal age above 35 years old
  • Family history with genetic or chromosomal abnormalities
  • Pregnancy history with fetal genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

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Checking your pregnancy is now much more convenient. Our professional phlebotomists are ready to meet you at home for blood collection which will then be processed in our laboratory.
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Firstvue: Safe and accurate way to detect chromosomal abnormalities