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Genetics Indonesia is a biotechnology company that focuses on offering health services that are based on molecular genetics, including Next Generation Sequencing services. We also provide Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), Oncology services such as hereditary cancer screening and somatic mutation analysis, and pharmacogenetics.

Genetics Indonesia partner with Yourgene Bioscience Taiwan to offer Firstvue NIPT services. Genetics Indonesia also partner with Kailos Genetics, US as service provider for Hereditary Cancer Screening and pharmacogenetics.

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Non-Invasive Prenatal test (NIPT)
NIPT is the analysis of fetal cell-free DNA that are found in the blood sample, in women who are expecting, in order to detect risk of chromosomal abnormalities including aneuploidy and microdeletion syndromes in the fetus. Analysis is done through Next Generation Sequencing technology with accuracy up to 99%. Chromosomal abnormalities might affect physical and intellectual development of the fetus.
Hereditary Cancer Screening (HCS)
Cancer is one of the diseases that are affected by hereditary factor. Some genetic mutations can cause someone to have a higher risk of developing cancer. As much as 32 genes that are associated with 8 types of cancer are analysed using Next Generation Sequencing technology. This test is recommended for those who have family history of cancer.
Farmakogenetika (PGX)
Pharmacogenetics is a DNA test to know the right type and dosage of medication that are suited for your body. Drug responses are affected by metabolism genes it your body. This test is used as a reference for your doctor to prescribe medications to optimize your recovery process.

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